Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District


  • “Protecting life and property through quality service!”


  • Be highly respected by the fire service.
  • Have a highly productive and respectful work environment that everyone wants to be a part of.
  • Have the finest facilities and equipment in emergency services.
  • Be trusted, respected and supported by the community.
  • Have a committed, active and involved membership with staffing to meet every emergency safely and promptly.
  • Have outstanding leaders and mentors.
  • Have the best-trained personnel.
  • Practice continual quality customer service with highly successful prevention and education programs.
  • Be progressive and open to change, respecting new ideas while honoring tradition.
  • Be well-funded and highly fiscally responsible.

Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District uses the Public Fire Safety system to improve communications and public safety by coordinating burn permits and regulations in partnership with Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District community members.


For Residents within the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District jurisdiction: Sign in to learn about your local Outdoor Burning Regulations, communicate with your local fire agency officials, read condition reports, create and update your own outdoor burn status.

This service is free, brought to you at no cost for this public safety partnership with Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District.

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About PFS

At (or PFS), our mission is to improve communication in public safety. By coordinating the needs of our public safety agencies and the residents they serve,  PFS is working with these professionals and residents to re-imagine permitting, regulations and communication for modern communities.